The Church’s Response to Mental Illness


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There is, within the church, a group of people that commonly is neglected, overlooked, and seldom discussed.
Occasionally they may receive help through a benevolence program, or may be housed in a special shelter for adults, but aside from that they are quietly and conveniently outcast,not mentioned in sermons, and often unwelcome in church buildings. They are the mentally ill. Current estimates reveal that 22.1 percent of Americans ages 18 and older,about 1 in 5 adults,suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year (Regier, et al., 1993).

So where do these individuals find themselves in the light of God’s Word? Are they walking in the light, or has their lack of obedience to the Gospel caused them to place their immortal souls in danger? Join Dr. Brad Harrub as he shines a light on “Mental Illness and the Church.” This informative audio CD is a much needed resource. Buy your copy today or gift one to a friend who might be in need.

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