Church Reset: Teacher’s Edition




Churches all over the nation have been energized by the idea that church can be more. Help your congregation find excitement and purpose by seeing what God intended the church to be when you study Church Reset together with your Bible class or small group!

The Teacher’s Edition guides the class teacher or group leader through areas of Scriptural emphasis, talking points, and discussion questions for each chapter.

You can buy it as a combo with Church Reset here.

Want to get a copy for everyone in your class? Get a discount when you buy the Teacher’s Edition in a bundle with a 5 pack or 10 pack of Church Reset copies!

Church Reset:

Shouldn’t church be… more?

If you’ve ever driven home on a Sunday with that question on your mind, you are not alone. When we read about the church in the Bible there’s a beauty and an appeal to it that so often seems missing. In our busy, distracted, consumeristic world it seems as though becoming a self-sacrificial, tight-knit, Christlike family like the early Christians is a pipe dream.

In Church Reset: God’s Design for So Much More, Jack Wilkie traces the problem back to its roots to show how we’ve deviated from God’s plan and how we can get back on track. How can we stop operating as an organization and start living like a family? How do we stop creating church customers and start making dedicated disciples? How do we abandon man-made strategies and rediscover the power of God’s design? Church Reset casts an exciting vision for what Christ’s church can be by pointing back to what it was meant to be from the very start.

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