Biology: Examining the Evidence Textbook


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Some science textbooks that are used in Christian academies and homeschools do not teach evolution as a fact. And many include Scriptures weaved throughout the various chapters. That’s good. Because statistics show we are losing too many of our young people to things like atheism, evolution, and humanism. But what if a textbook were designed from the beginning to not just teach good science—but to also strengthen a student’s faith in God? Imagine a science textbook that increased their faith in the Creator!

Two years ago, we set out to produce just such a book. We wanted every page to be professionally designed to coordinate with what the students were reading in the text. We wanted a team of science teachers, school administrators, and even students providing input at every step. We wanted to incorporate “Cold Cases” at the beginning of each chapter that used crime scene investigations and pathology to fuel the student’s interest in each chapter. We wanted each chapter to end with “word from experts” in the field they had just studied—experts who have a strong faith in God. We wanted to include additional resources and videos that could be utilized in the classroom. We wanted a textbook that would help students perform extremely well on standardized tests. We wanted a textbook that was well produced and affordable. We wanted a textbook that would help young people learn the Truth and spend eternity in heaven.

Dr. Harrub has a doctorate in Anatomy and Neurobiology and has been teaching Christian evidences for over 15 years. He has taken his knowledge of science and the Bible and produced a science textbook unlike any available on the market today.


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  • 5-39 copies: $49 each
  • 40-100 copies: $45 each

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The teacher’s manual is currently being prepared and will contain lesson plans, quizzes, tests, additional resource material, answer keys, etc. It will be available Spring 2021. 

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