“What two consenting adults want to do in the privacy of their own bedroom is none of our business.”

“All they want is civil unions. Why does that bother you so much?”

“God says don’t judge. You need to be more tolerant.”

Remember those phrases? Remember how it wasn’t that long ago – say, 10-15 years – that these were the terms of the gay rights discussion? I would say LGBT rights, but LGBT rights wasn’t even a thing back then.

At the time, we at Focus Press along with many others warned of the slippery slope the gay rights movement represented. We were told the slippery slope was a fallacy. We were told we were being absurd for saying this movement will not stop when given the concessions they demand, and that we will have to keep giving ground after every conceded point. We were laughed at and scorned for saying that the normalization of homosexuality would lead to polygamy, genderlessness, and the sexualization of children. And yet, here we are.

It was never about what they do in the privacy of their own bedroom. They wanted to parade what they do down Main Street in every city in America, and they do. They wanted to have their actions celebrated by every major corporation. They wanted to put their propaganda all over television, all the way down to TV shows aimed at toddlers.

They didn’t just want civil unions. They wanted marriage. They wanted the ability to adopt children. They wanted to shut down anybody who would oppose them or attempt to bring a homosexual (and now a transsexual) person to repentance. And they got what they wanted.

They were telling us not to judge and be tolerant until the tables were turned. Now they are the ones doing the judging. They are the ones refusing to tolerate dissent.

The thing about the slippery slope argument is, it’s not always a fallacy. If it is based on a principle that is transferrable from one situation to the next, then it’s not a fallacy but a fact. For example, when “Love is love” became the line, the fact of a slippery slope was created. If we have to accept civil unions because “love is love,” then we have to accept everything that comes after, up unto and including the sexualization of minors. Because “love is love.” There are no brakes on this vehicle.

Going even further back, if we abandon the fact that men and women have a natural function (Romans 1:26-27), then we start down the slippery slope toward “gender fluid” beings and the ability to declare one’s own gender.

And, going all the way back to the foundational principle of all of this, when we as a culture surrendered the ground that sexual relations were for monogamous men and women and accepted no-fault divorce and the inevitability of premarital promiscuity, along with legalized abortion (and even pharmaceutical birth control), we created the slippery slope of literally everything you’re seeing today.

So, what do we do?

For a while, social pressure worked. Corporations caved to demands and shrinking revenues from boycotts not all that long ago. Today, nearly every one of them has some kind of involvement in “Pride Month.” The toothpaste is out of the tube, and it’s not going back. Even most right wing voices and legislators accept the permanence of gay marriage in this country.

Having said that, there are things we can do. First of all, and I can’t emphasize this enough – PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN. These people are hell bent on either recruiting your children or getting them to stand and applaud their “out” friends and take a stand against their “bigoted” Christian friends and family. (Check out “They’re After Your Kids” on Facebook to stay apprised of the situation.) You will have to shield your children from their influence every way you can, and you will have to have some uncomfortable conversations sooner than you’d like. If you don’t train them, though, the world will.

Second, show the world a better way. We must preach the truth from the pulpits and not let our members fall prey to this idea that Christians must support LGBT causes due to “love.” We must build up our congregations to be strongholds for faithful marriages. We must help young people and singles navigate challenges to their purity. We must provide a defense against the ever-creeping claws of pornography. We must

Third, grow a backbone. We don’t have to enter into every single fight. But there are times and places where somebody needs to take a stand, particularly when there is an opportunity to protect our children. If not us, then who? I genuinely believe there are far more people on our side, who see the absurdity of where the slippery slope has placed our society. What those people need is someone who will stand up and show them they aren’t alone.

Fourth, as always, pray. Pray for our country and for our world. Pray that hearts would be changed and that people would see the error of their ways. Pray that God would raise up voices of righteousness and sanity among the madness. Pray that God would use this time to draw people unto Him, and that He would use us to reach the lost.

Indeed, the slippery slope went exactly as we suspected it would. Things will only continue to get worse, and we need to realize that and prepare for it. As the messaging transitions from “tolerate us” to “shut up or else,” it’s time to steel ourselves for the battle ahead.