All Christians should seek and support Biblical justice. God demands it. There are countless passages that talk about how God is a just God. The Bible talks about His righteous judgement (Romans 2:5; 2 Thessalonians 1:5). Christians should fight for Biblical justice.

But what about social justice? Should we be marching in the streets and/or carrying banners to defend a specific cause? If social justice is in line with God’s Word, then all Christians should support it and defend it. But what about those occasions when social justice is not aligned with Biblical justice?

Christians must realize that their mandate of faith is not to a cause, but rather to Him and His Word. So, if a specific cause goes against Biblical justice, then Christians certainly should not support it. Instead, we should be pointing out how it goes against Biblical justice. We should boldly declare sin for what it is.

For instance, Queer Theory is one aspect of Critical Theory that activist use to challenge laws and undo heteropatriarchal conditions in our culture. They want to change laws and redefine how our culture views gender and marriage.

Many Christians have bought into the idea that Christians should join hands with this social justice cause and fight on their behalf. They believe that Christians who refuse to support causes like this are the enemy. But before we take up banners and march arm-in-arm, we should first ask the question: Is this social justice cause in line with Biblical justice?

In the example above the answer should be clear. God instituted marriage between and man and woman (Genesis 2, Matthew 19). It was God who designed a patriarchal system in the home, patterned after the church. It was also God who defined homosexuality as an abomination—and has indicated that those who practice such things will not inherit the Kingdom of heaven.

This is Biblical justice as defined by the Creator of the Universe. So as a Christian who seeks Biblical justice, I cannot (and should not) support any social justice cause that goes against Biblical justice. Not only that, I should be warning those who participate and support such things that their souls are in jeopardy.

And while it may seem “right” to cherry pick passages of Scripture that paint Jesus as one who loves everything, the Truth remains that sin separates us from God. Jesus never loved and supported behavior that went against God’s Word. In fact, it was Jesus who pointed out that people on the broad way were on a path to destruction. Cherry-picking Scripture to recast Jesus as someone He was not is idolatry—it is making Him into someone created in by your image.

There is a major battle brewing that will characterize Christians in a negative light. We will be viewed as those unwilling to support various social justice causes. But let me encourage you to stand firm and turn the discussion back toward Biblical justice. Will I personally support social justice causes? Absolutely! I will and I already have—as long as they are in line with Biblical justice. Make sure your children understand the difference in the two.