During this time of quarantine and social distancing we want to encourage everyone to take the added down time to grow in their walk with God. We especially hope that families will take up the practice of daily devotions, if they haven’t been doing them previously. In order to help with this, we’re sharing a page out of our devotional book, iGrow, each day. They can be used for either family or personal devotions. To view all of the available devotionals, click here.

Day 7: Matthew 4

– Spend one minute with your eyes closed thinking of Jesus sitting at the right hand of God in heaven.

– Devote four minutes to reading Matthew 4

– Take three minutes to think through the following questions

  1. How did Jesus end up in the wilderness?
  2. In your opinion, which of these temptations was the most difficult for Jesus? Why?
  3. How would you describe Satan based on your reading today?
  4. What did you learn from Matthew 4 that will help you overcome Satan?

– Spend three minutes answering the following questions

  1. List two characteristics you learned about Jesus from this chapter.
  2. What did you learn about Jesus’ purpose for life from Matthew 4:23?
  3. Write down one personal observation or question from Matthew 4.
  4. Write down one action step you will take in your life based on your reading today. I will…

– Devote the rest of your time to talking to God

How to use iGrow’s 15 minute method:

Relax (1 minute)
– Take a minute to focus your mind on God
Read the Word (4 minutes)
– As you read, focus on listening to God as He speaks to you through His Word
– Have an open mind and an open heart to God’s Word
Reflect on the Word (3 minutes)
– Think through what you just read. How does this Scripture apply to my life?
– How does this apply to my relationship with God and with others?
Record (3 minutes)
– Write down important questions, observations, and personal applications from your reading
– Decide on one action step to take based on your reading
Request (4 minutes)
– Pray to God with thankfulness and express your needs to Him
– Pray for strength to follow through with your action step for the day