Rebuilding Faith… It Has Begun

Last week Christians gathered on the National Mall in Washington D.C. to champion our faith, our families, and our freedom. With voices lifted, gospel preachers sounded off concerning the sanctity of marriage and the value of all human life. Not only were attendees and passersby captivated by the messages proclaimed but also the prayers and songs that were led to the glory of our all-sovereign God.

The event went on uninterrupted (except for a few runners drawing attention) and was free of protest. We had at final count 120 Christians in attendance and many stop and go visitors. Over 300 listeners joined the 120 in D.C. across the nation via, which was a true showing of spirit and support. You may be thinking those numbers aren’t a lot, and you’re right at first, but as the title says…it has begun. Jesus changed the world with only 12 and those 12 after his ascension turned the world upside down (Acts 17:6).

I cannot as the director of this event tell you how excited and thankful I am. God was truly glorified in the heart of our nation’s capital. As I said in my speech during the rally, we did this in the sentiment of Paul but it was different from Athens. Washington D.C. is not a place of an UNKNOWN GOD but rather with a godless culture and government and His name, reminders, and word scattered throughout this place it is truly a land of the FORGOTTEN GOD. It was our goal to remind the people of who He is, and in my opinion we accomplished that goal.

This is only the beginning. We plan on being back next year, with more time, more people and more boldness. If you missed it this year you can still order all six hours of audio from Focus Press and hear the wonderful reminders delivered by our dynamic and bold speakers (available soon). You can also start to plan on being here next year as, Lord willing, we will soon be releasing the date of next year’s Rebuilding Faith Rally! Please keep us in your prayers as we prepare yet again.

Lastly, you should plan to host a Rebuilding Faith Seminar at your congregation sometime throughout the year. The lessons tie scripture, history, and culture together for a congregation to engage and conquer their communities. For more information contact Focus Press or email

By Andrew Chavarrilla